Returning powerful serves

How do I become a good returner; kinda like agassi?

Well, the most important thing when it comes to returning an opponent serve is the anticipation. How do I anticipate? Every server has his/her favorite spot that they like to serve to. Reading your opponent will help you position yourself better on the otherside of the court. Time is extremely crucial when it comes to returning a powerful serve. Bottom line there isn’t enough time to think, move, decide. There’s only time to react, and by being in a good postion and just swinging at the ball you will be able to counter attack your opponent and make them think twice about double faulting and what would happen to their second serve if you crush their first serve.

It’s also good to mix up your returns, from blocking shots to full swing at the return or half-swing and also throwing a slice return here and their. It keeps your opponent guessing and wondering what’s next.

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