Active VS Passive

A lot of the times you will be playing tennis and you become passive, meaning you fall asleep or you stop thinking on the court in otherwords you surrender your efforts and you become like a wall. You only hit the ball back.

How do I change it up it from passive state to active? Simply, you gotta figure out what you need to do change your mental state. Everyone is different; for instance when I start playing in the passive mode I yell “ Come On” that gets me pumped and then after a good shot yell it again it gets louder the better I play and in that case I become active and ready to go no matter what the score is.

Tennis is a game of attitude, if you get into a bad attitude while playing; your chances of losing just get bigger. When I’m in a bad mood I find myself losing most of the time. At least for my game I got to be patient to win my points. Do what best fits your game, its all about having fun!

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