Andy Roddick is back?

Andy Roddick won the Cincinnati masters last week after beating Murray in the semi-finals and Ferrero in the Finals.

It seems like Roddick is playing the same way he played when he won the US open in 2003. That means he is letting his emotions drive him to the win. Let’s face it Andy is an emotional player and that’s how he wins, when he lets the crowd to get into it and when he shows emotions.

I think what happened after the US Open in 03 is that he became kind of cocky and over confident; he thought he can beat anyone who steps on the court. He stopped showing or using his emotions in matches. In other words; he fell off his style or game.

Now that he is back using the crowd; appreciating every points he wins and match. He is hungrier than the last couple of years. After he won the title last week he bent down to the floor and kissed it. Just like in any sport you got to be hungry for the win otherwise you‚Äôre not going to win it because there are people that are hungrier than you are 😉

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