Adidas with Andre

If you’re a tennis fan than you probably saw Andre Agassi’s first round match. What a beautiful way to start you last tournament. As I mentioned before, tennis requires a lot of mental strength. When Andre was down 0-4 he was thinking that he needed a new racquet that was strung tighter so the balls will stay in play. Between the time he decided he needed a racquet and the time that he actually got it, he went down 0-4. Of course when he gets it then he does his amazing comeback? Now you’re saying it’s not the racquet that made the come back… I say it wasn’t but it was the idea behind it and made Andre comfortable at his game more than anything.

So is it the Adidas shoes, Adidas ClimaCool Feather II Men’s Shoe? Is it the Head Flexpoint Radical Racquet? The Adidas outfit? Is it the strings, Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16L String?

Nope the answer is it’s all Andre Agassi!

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