Topspin VS Flat

Which is better hitting topspin or flat shots?

Well, they are two different things; topspin shots have a lot of action on the ball. A good example for a tennis PRO that plays with a lot of topspin would be Rafeal Nadal. If you watch him you can see how much spin he applies to the ball which makes it hard to his opponent to adjust to his shots, since the ball kicks up high after it bounces. On the other hand, flat shots are low shots with a lot of pace to them. A good example of a PRO tennis player that hits strokes flat would be Andre Agassi.

It‚Äôs good to have variety in your game, If you ask me I would learn both flat and topspin and just use them accordingly. Feel your opponent and see what he / she doesn’t like and play with the shot that causes them to miss.

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