Excercising in Winter

Exercise Bike

Are you serious? You want me to get on the exercise bike to play better tennis? What kind of tip is that?

Well, having awesome tennis technique and terrible fitness shape will not get you any wins. The best way to be a competitive tennis player these days is to be in tip top shape. We all know how winter makes everyone feel lazy and tired. This is one way of looking at it, the other way is to take advantage of winter and get you an exercise bike. Stationary bikes are very good for your thigh muscles. For starters do around 8 miles a day and then bump it up to 12 then 16 etc.. You should be able to do 30 miles no biggie.  In order to withstand the sprinting and stopping on the tennis court , your legs need to be trained and ready to tolerate all the sudden movements. The best way to get your legs stronger is to get them used to long endurance exercises.

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