Tennis Strategies

Tennis is a game of mental power. The smarter you are from your opponent the more edge you have on him / her. Do you always find yourself losing to older people rather than younger players? There are 2 reasons for that, one is the experience they have on you and secondly is the older your are the more mature you are hence the more you are going to use your brains rather than just swinging as hard as you can on every ball. The reason tennis is such a beautiful game is because of how much you can do adjustments to your game.

Let’s take this scenario, lets say your playing player “Bob” He has a massive forehand, the smart thing to do is give him the least amount of shots on that side of his game and try to pick on his weakness, in this case it’s the backhand; what I find myself doing is trying to break my opponent down by frustrating him and even serving to his backhand making him not utilize his best shot. Play Smart and you shall Win Smart!!

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