Tennis Balls

Which tennis balls do you like most?

I played with all kinds of tennis balls and I have to admit “Dunlop Balls” are the best tennis balls I found. They last longer than the other brands however; they are a bit heavier than other tennis balls. I also played with “Penn” and for some reason I feel like they lose their air after hitting with them for like 30 minutes or so. My second favorite brand would be “Wilson US Open” they seem to hold their bounce a bit more then the Penn balls. A good tip: If you want your tennis balls to last longer and be able to play with them for more than one match, after your tennis match go ahead and stick them back in their little plastic container and close the lid. It will allow them to preserve their life span a bit more than just throwing them back in your tennis bag.

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  1. Mike Says:

    I prefer K3 tennis balls. The K3 Gold has the same playability as the Wilson US Open and is very durable. They are ITF/USTA certified and I use them in all non-conference matches. I would use them in those if it weren’t for a conference rule requiring the use of US Open. Check them out at

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