Tennis Tactics

Tennis tactics what do you mean?

Well, tennis is a game of adjustments. That’s what makes it such a beautiful game. Tennis is like a game of Chess, every player have the same resources to use but it’s not the resources that you have it’s how you use them. In Chess it’s all about the checkmate, you plan and you attack and you surround to win. Also you try to get to the toughest arsenal first and eliminate it I.E “ The Queen”. Same thing in tennis your goal is to break down the opponents strength. After a player loses his / her arsenal and stays with only a few then the chances of winning / Checkmate has just gotten a lot better. So how do we apply this to tennis? Finding your opponents weaknesses usually is a nice way to eliminate his arsenal pretty quick. Once you find his / her weakness then you can start punishing your opponent and at that point you really have put a checkmate on his / her game. Agassi used to apply two methods A- Was to break down the opponents strength first, once he achieves that then its downhill from there. B- He would pick on his weak shot and hit about 80-90% of the shots to that side. If your opponents strength is really over the top you might want to stick to attacking his weak part of his game.

How cool is it to play someone new every time and have to figure out this about their game?

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