Do you like to Serve?

Every point starts with a serve. It seems like a lot of kids these days hate to serve. Most teens are more interested in hitting and blasting a shot rather than learning how to serve properly. Focus on improving your serve and you will see major results in return. There is a a full section on the different kinds and styles of serves on the site that will help you get better at serving. Its very important to have variety of serves in your arsenal to use in a match.

4 Responses to “Do you like to Serve?”

  1. KHay Says:

    I LOVE to serve…I absolutly LOVE everything about tennis! A good serve can really make or break you….

    Let it make you:)
    don’t let it break you

  2. michelle Says:


  3. pablo Says:

    i have a 11 year old boy?±he is very good playing tennis he is ranked no. 4 in the state and no. 30 in all the country, but he has an attitude problem, he belives he¬¥s better and he gets angry in the court, an misses very easy shots, any sugestions

  4. Mo (Admin) Says:


    Have him read the book “The Mental Game” usually kids that age go through this process almost always. It’s going to take some time for him to get out of it, let it take its course and ofcourse don’t encourage him when he does that nor pay too much attention to it. Eventually he will lose that attitude if he wants compete with older players and more experience.

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