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Play More Tennis with Juump

To improve your skills in any sport, you need to play as much as possible. Often with tennis, finding the right playing partner can be a challenge, limiting the time you spend on the court. Now a new service ( is solving that problem.

Juump has combined social networking and Google’s mapping technologies to help people find suitable tennis partners right in their own neighborhood. Users can create their own tennis profile; indicating specifics such as their skill level, when they like to play and on which courts. You can research courts in your area and invite other players for a match. And the best part…it’s all free!

2 Responses to “Play More Tennis”

  1. Mehran Says:

    This is a good way to find tennis partner.

  2. Thank you Juump! Says:

    I tried Tennisopolis, but prefer Juump as it allows me to find tennis partners at the courts I play at. Plus, I was also able to create a group just for my buddies who are all at the same skill level. We control who gets into our little group and now post our league results. Very cool!

    Thanks again.

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