Creativity in Tennis

I get asked this question a lot; is there such thing in tennis called creativity?

Of course there is.. Players like Sontoro who use their creativity to help them compensate on their other flaws. For example; if you have a strong forehand and a weak backhand, you can still win and make that weakness a strength via being creative on the court. The reason why a lot of players lose is not based on their forehand or serve or backhand weaknesses. It’s not just based on the arsenal they have but also on how they use them.

US open is the last big major of the year.  It’s always a bitter sweet event,  it has such a great atmosphere and energy but on the other hand it’s the last big major of the year!  It makes us sad to think about the fact that there will be no big tennis matches till the next year.  In addition to, after a good game of tennis, go and watch a game of golf. There are many Masters packages available.”

If you have a powerful serve and you serve down the T all the match; then your strength becomes your weakness.

It’s all about being creative on the court and utilizing your weaknesses as strength!

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