About Me

The idea behind tennis tips is to educate the public and teach them the fundamentals of tennis without having them go and buy a book or a tennis lesson, which we all know is pretty expensive nowadays.

I started playing tennis in 2001. I had no lessons or instructors. I just picked up the racquet one day and went to the park and started hitting. I used to watch the Pros play and tried to grasp as much as possible just from watching them play. I used to also look up some techniques from the Internet and try to apply them while playing.

Mo Wehbi

I figured if I could play the game from watching people play and reading about it then why shouldn’t you be able to?

I joined a tennis tournament in Midland Community Tennis Center in 2003 and won it. It was my first tournament to ever join or win. It felt good. I won Saginaw Valley State University’s Labor Day Classic tournament in 2004. I was also runner up for the doubles division. I won the Midland Tournament again in 2005. This is not to brag about my qualifications but to emphasize the point that you can learn from this website as well as win and get better.

Some of the people that participated in the demonstration of videos as well as the images on this site are: Mike Major, the women’s tennis coach at Saginaw Valley State University, Martez Banks, assistant coach at SVSU and myself, Mo Wehbi.

I want to thank the people that helped Tennis Tips stand on its feet. Mike Major, Martez Banks, Nick Momrik, Dave Branson and Steve Erickson.