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Weight Management

A lot of people tend to jump from diet to diet – losing and gaining weight. It becomes a vicious cycle because we don’t stick to 1 thing. There isn’t a diet that I would recommend over the other. However, I would say this – picking a diet that works with your lifestyle and sticking […]

Diet for Tennis

Is there such a thing? There are so many sources out there, so many “healthy diets” it can easily confuse any one of us.  The key to any diet is to make it more of a life plan!  Once you have figured out what works for you whether it’s low carbs, high protein or low […]

Crossfit and Tennis

Does doing Crossfit help tennis players? Actually doing cross-fit might be the best thing for tennis players for the following reasons: It focuses on leg strength It strengthens the stamina and endurance It works on the long twitch muscle fibers and short ones Hits the core in almost every crossfit move Works on the agility […]

Training Intervals

Do you want to improve your agility and endurance on the tennis court? Running intervals will help you achieve that endurance your looking for, try doing 30 seconds running as fast as you can and then walk for 30 seconds.  Do this 6 times. Repeat every other day!  Good Luck


Who is going to win Wimbledon 2014?    


Does Crossfit help my tennis game?   Let’s ask ourselves what makes a good tennis player?  It’s the skills, talent, dedication and lots of practice.  The most overlooked factor is fitness,  being fit is the most crucial thing in tennis.  You can always outlast your opponent by being fit.  You can manage your shots more […]

Creativity in Tennis

I get asked this question a lot; is there such thing in tennis called creativity? Of course there is.. Players like Sontoro who use their creativity to help them compensate on their other flaws. For example; if you have a strong forehand and a weak backhand, you can still win and make that weakness a […]

Tip of the week

Tennis is a game of fitness, you have to be able to command and conquer on the court. If you are interested in betting on sports here’s a cool website  USA sports betting site . Anyways  you have to be in good shape. One way of making sure you stay in good shape is to use a […]


Crossfit good or bad for Tennis? This is a question that I get asked a lot. Whether it’s good to do crossfit to get in shape for tennis or better off just to do cardio? Lifting weights in my opinion does help give you more power and more strength for your tennis game. However, it […]

Stay Fit During The Holidays

It’s a question that every tennis player or any kind of athlete wonder about! How do you say no to the awesome grandma cookies or your mom’s delicious tray of various deserts? The answer to all that is moderation, as long as you keep in mind that you can have a little bit of everything […]