Two handed Backhand

1- Get into the ready position.
2- Racket back and down, hands together, shoulder turn, right foot forward.
3- Shift weight onto your front foot and swing out to the point of contact.
4- Follow through keeping your elbows up. Your toes should be pointing forward.
5- Drop your elbows and return to the ready position.

Think of your racket as the sword you need to slay the little green dragon
Ball in front of youback-stretchBall in front of you
Ball in front of youback-stretchBall in front of you

One hand Backhand

Ball in front of youBall in front of youBall in front of you


8 Responses to “Backhand”

  1. Josh Says:

    in the video, the men/guys who are hitting the ball 1 handed backhand, the ball doesn’t seem to go up high enough to cross the net…
    and the thing is I can hit one hand backhand too…but it just WON’T go over…
    and If i try to make it go over, it would be too high and make the game…. less fun… any tips?

  2. Ty Says:

    Josh, they are using a ball launcher. What you want to do is: try and make it go over, but angle your racquet down so the ball wont fly so high.

  3. Rob Billeaud Says:

    If you watch the video, you’ll notice that the guy takes the ball low – much lower than you’d take a forehand – and swings low to high. This will impart some topspin and the ball should clear the net. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a two-handed backhand. I can’t hit two-handed, but Raffa Nadal does and it’s very effective.

  4. Bob E Says:

    i’m pretty good at two handed backnahd, but i can’t really spin the ball as well as my forhand hits. Is there a way to make extremely powerful spins???

  5. PaIn Says:

    Ty you’re stupid and don’t know what you’re talking about. Go Die
    Josh, the topspin lifts the ball and helps it clear the net. It also, as the ball continues flying, causes the ball to drop once it clears the net. Topspin helps you to clear the net opposed to how it were turning out if you just hit the ball flat, and it helps keep the ball in, so you can add a lot of power a the ball will still go in.

    Bob E, simply tilt the racket downward more and hit low to high. It will 100% guarantee more topspin on your backhand. Also, if you aim to contact the ball on the lower half of the strings, it creates more spin then you would get from the middle or top of the strings (relative to when you are hitting the ball).

  6. Mike D Says:

    Josh, sounds to me like you need to use a proper backhand grip.

  7. randy Says:

    One of the tips i would have recommended for anyone trying to get more control on their backhand shot is first using an eastern grip which would put your hand slightly to the back side of the grip. This means if you are right handed, your hand will be positioned slightly to the left side of the racket handle. If you are left handed it will be slightly to the right side of the racket. The advantage to all of this will be to get the power of your stroke coming from behind the racket so you are pushing through the ball rather than pulling the racket to the ball. The power comes not only from being behind the ball, but also the use of your legs as you spring upward from your knee bent legs.

    The slice will be starting your racket position in a high position swinging to a lower position as you strike the ball. The topspin will be working your stroke from a lower position to a higher position as you strike the ball.

    Practice will make it easier to understand and get the feel.


  8. jimmy H Says:

    all josh needs to do is makesure he is using the correct one handed backhand grip and make sure he is bending his legs enough to get under the ball, this lifts the ball up and creates more spin.

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