This is a list of the basic equipment that you will need inorder to play tennis. These are just examples of what you might consider.

Tennis racquet

There are many tennis racquets out in the stores. The best way to know what racquet fits you best is to demo the racquet first. Most stores will let you demo the racquet for a week or two. The key thing is to find the one that fits your game and makes you comfortable.

Prince Triple Threat Bandit OS Tennis Racquet

Tennis balls

There are many good brands of tennis balls such as, Wilson, Dunlop and Penn. The key thing is to change the balls on regular basis. Forinstance the Pros change the balls every 6 games. It’s up to you when to change them as long as they still got some life in them.

Penn 1 Championship Tennis Balls - Can (CAN)

Tennis Apps

Tennis is a major sporting event that many people follow, whether it be on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. With the growth of technology in tennis there are many great tennis apps to keep you updated on the latest news, tips and equipment. One of which includes the Betway App, a world renowned online bookmakers who have recently introduced there mobile app available on iOS and Android compatible devices.

16 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. EquinoxLegend Says:

    I also recommend having a wrist band to use for practice and play. Tennis elbow isn’t usually something a beginner will have to worry about, however, the wrist is usually the first thing to feel the difference. A wrist band will help cushion your strokes by absorbing shock that would go to the wrist and elbow. Wearing the wrist band half way down the lower arm is common. However, most beginners will wear it just below the wrist, which is also very good. Good luck!

  2. ben Says:

    as a beginner, I agree: “no running shoes” I have been cheap and didn’t purchase tennis shoes, rather using an old pair of running shoes… my lateral movements are hampered by this, I can actually feel my ankles tilting trying to maintain side balance because running shoes have almost no side support. I might be better off wearing my hiking shoes! 🙂

  3. Josh Says:

    To what Ben said up there…
    i would highly recommend you DO wear a separate pair of TENNIS shoes, because from the experience, it does feel much more comfortable and smooth. It definitely helps your game play.
    Good Equipments are just the start of tennis.

  4. cool god Says:

    dude I have a nike shox air pumping shoez is that okk

  5. Lizy Says:

    I am a beginner and I been playing with cross training shoes and my feet were badly hurting. I just bought some Tennis Shoes the other day and “What a difference it made on movement and comfort!!!”

    I will try EquinoxLegend suggestion on the wrist band, my wrist has been hurting too 😐

    Thanks for all the good info!!!

  6. Mo (Admin) Says:


    You definitely need to get some Tennis Shoes, running shoes are designed for forward movement while tennis shoes more for lateral movement!

  7. Nico Says:

    Hey, I live in Alaska and would like to know what type of rackets would be better for: power, and control. Since I live in Alaska, there are not many shops or “experts” that I could go to, to get an opinion on some brand name rackets.

    I’m hoping that someone would be as so kind to give some good suggestions on what type of rackets I could/should order.
    Thanks for your time.

  8. admin Says:

    If you are looking for power. Babolat have some very good power rackets. Andy Roddick’s version is pretty good.

  9. Tanya Says:

    Some handy hints, thanks. Will keep me busy for a while.

  10. samantha Says:

    should i give up on tennis or should i carry on with it and see if i improve?????????? is there any handy tips you can advise to me?

  11. TennisExpert Says:

    i have been playing tennis for over 20 years and i will say that all this is true shoes are important rist bands also and if you are a beginer and would like a good powerful raquet i would reccomend babolat e-sense light cheap and good for beginers aboi 80$

  12. Marge Says:

    Just went back to playing tennis after many 30* yrs. I have a nice Wilson racket. Shoes need to be changed. What can I do for a thumb and index finger on my playing hand that hurts because of arthritis. Is there a glove that would help? A golf glove etc??? With a hard ball it is very painful. Thx.Marge

  13. Alexmiller Says:

    I haven’t been playing that long. After reading these great recommendations I have improved a lot. thanks for the help.

  14. Mario Says:

    Can you wear nike air max’s for tennis?

  15. admin Says:

    Not recommended. Need tennis shoes with ankle support for lateral movements

  16. Naomi Says:

    I’m in high school and took tennis lessons for half a year last year… I want to try out for the tennis team but I don’t know what I should expect to be doing during try outs. Do you have any suggestions?

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